Joel Marie Teutsch

Joel Marie Teutsch enjoyed an incredibly active and productive existence. She was the Comforter promised by God to reveal simple as well as complex aspects of the truth.  She taught some of the most famous religious leaders without demanding credit or recognition.Ministers, rabbis and cardinals learned from her the deep meaning of their rituals.

Together with her husband,Champion K. Teutsch, Ph.D., she developed the high-precision Teutsch IDEAL (individualized-directive-explanatory-action-log) Method.

The method gives the client a clear-cut understanding of the genetic reasons for past and present experiences. As the upper stage of a human multi-stage missile, he learns to alter the undesirable orbit into which he was launched before birth.

Among the Teutsches’ grateful beneficiaries are renown attorneys, physicians, psychiatrists, educators, executives and even U.S. presidents as well as movie and TV stars who won Academy Awards.

In her office , in coffee shops, at bus stops and even toilets she healed cancer, heart-disease and other patients considered hopeless by top specialists. At universities in the United States and, through her spouse, in Germany, Australia, Japan, Israel and Russia, she enlightened professors as well as students. She amazed celebrities like First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Albert Einstein at Princeton University’s Institute for Advanced Study. When doctors despaired of the life of President Reagan’s press secretary, James (“Jim”) Brady, Joel assured his survival at a distance of 3,000 miles.

Joel Marie Teutsch passed away on March 13, 1992.

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